ウクレレにダービーハット、タップシューズに湯たんぽドラム、東京を中心に全国各地ときには海外でも活動中のヴォードヴィリアン BARON・バロン。

ヴォードヴィルの本来の意味はフランス語でvoix de ville/町の声。1900年代初頭から欧米で始まり日本でも大流行した風刺歌付き演芸ショー芸人たちの魂を受け継ぎ、ルーツミュージックの調べにのせて現在(いま)を唄い弾き踊る。

2014年夏カナダ・モントリオール「Voix de Ville」(優勝)、2015年6月カナダ・モントリール フリンジフェスティバル 最優秀振り付け賞ノミネート。

世界一周楽団、Baron&Jordon、Casino Folliesでも活動中。




BARON is a Japanese vaudevillian, musician and songwriter.


He was born in 1978 in the town of Hida Takayama where he was brought up in the family who love art, peace and party.

While studying in Australia from 1994 to 2000, he experienced a lot of street arts in the town of Melbourne. He was especially inspired by the vaudevillians he saw in live bars and theatres.


His career started after he returned to Japan. Meeting various artists in Tokyo helped him establish his current vaudeville style.

His original vaudeville show is composed of singing original songs and old jazz tunes, strumming the ukulele in an authentic swingin’ style and acting mime and comedy.


BARON performs throughout Japan as well as overseas. His comedy is born from music, and his music is born from comedy. He’s been making a show that entertain people young and old.


He won the first prize in the VOIX-de-VILLE in Montreal (summer 2014) . He was also nominated for the most outstanding choreography award in Montreal Fringe Festival 2015.